Customizable WebViews (Popup Version)

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Aďo Nagy

I tried each version of already offered webviews (Default, Popup, Browser), but each has some problems in terms of usage in commercial applications.

  • Default: When the user navigate out of initially loaded website, he loose the option to go back to the application
  • Popup: The Close Button has no margin and it is uncustomizable (style missmatch with other parts of app)
  • Browser: The Browser Panel is uncustomizable (style missmatch with other parts of app)

I think the fastest way to fix this problem is add an option for Popup version to customize the Close Button, so at least this version will be commercial ready:

  • Customize Align - So we will be able to tell in which corner we want the close button (e.g. I would use bottom-left corner)
  • Customize Margin or at least add default margin, because now it is stuck straight in corner
  • Customize Sprite - So we will be able to add icon which fit for our app (e.g. I would not use a close icon, but the launch icon of my game, so it will be clear, that if the user select it he will go back to the app)

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Customize Margin

Can you please send me a screenshot for this to be on same page?

Customize Align

Customize Sprite

Is it fine if these are available in settings instead of runtime option? Do you dynamically change it? Would like to know how much valuable it is.

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Kvins Java

It would also be cool to add custom options for the selected text in the web view.

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