Add easily accessible "purchase failed reasons" for common reasons on iOS

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On iOS, the Billing System returns pretty useless error information when a purchase fails.

For example, when the user cancels a purchase, you get the following error:

Domain: null
Error Code: 0
Description: [super long raw Apple error here]

Using this data, I cannot possibly present the player with something that can help them resolve the issue themselves. I would love the failed function to get an enumerator or other custom parameter for some of the common purchase fail reasons like this one. With thousands of players potentially running into errors here, I need to be able to give them support based on a screenshot or a text with a useful error code or sorts...

For example:


I hope something like this is possible!

1 year ago


Sure! We will add it in 2.6.0 for all of the features.

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And note that on Android, the domain and error codes also return null and 0, virtually making them useless! However, on Android, a proper error code is returned that I can than easily parse manually.

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Here are billing response codes for Android that you can look at:

And here are the ones for iOS:

This is what the Unity IAP plugin has:

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